Meaning of conversant in English

Thoroughly informed.

Synonyms Abreast,Acquainted,Alive,Apprehensive,Aware,Cognizant,Comprehending,Conscious,Cool,Hep,Hip,Informed,Into,Knowing,Knowledgeable,Learned,Perceptive,Percipient,Practiced,Sensible,Sentient,Skilled,Up,Versed,Witting,Down With,On The Beam,Proficient,Au Courant,Au Fait,Versant,Kept Posted,Plugged In,
Antonyms Ignorant,Inexperienced,Quiet,Silent,

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Word of the Day

English Word expiate
Meaning To make satisfaction or amends for.
Synonyms Absolve,Amend,Appease,Atone,Compensate,Correct,Excuse,Forgive,Rectify,Redeem,Redress,Remedy,Square Things,Atone For,Do Penance,
Antonyms Blame,Charge,Damage,Forfeit,Harm,Injure,Lose,Worsen,Punish,
Urdu Meaning اصلاح کرنا