Meaning of course in English

Line of motion or direction.

Synonyms Advancement,Chain,Channels,Continuity,Development,Flow,Furtherance,Line,Manner,March,Movement,Order,Plan,Policy,Polity,Row,Scheme,Sequel,Sequence,Series,String,Succession,System,Unfolding,Way,Program,Procedure,Progression,Red Tape,Consecution,
Antonyms Cessation,Disorder,Disorganization,Halt,Stoppage,

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English Word Accordingly
Urdu Meaning بمطابق ، نظریں (حالات) ، چنانچہ ، فطری ترتیب سے ، اس لئے ، چنانچہ ، سازگار طَور پَر ، موزُوں طَريقے سے ، مناسب عرصے ميں