Meaning of courtesy in English

Politeness originating in kindness and exercised habitually.

Synonyms Address,Affability,Amenities,Amiability,Attentiveness,Ceremony,Chivalry,Civility,Comity,Complaisance,Consideration,Cordiality,Courteousness,Cultivation,Culture,Deference,Elegance,Familiarity,Favor,Friendliness,Gallantry,Generosity,Geniality,Gentleness,Graciousness,Indulgence,Kindness,Polish,Politeness,Refinement,Respect,Reverence,Solicitude,Suavity,Sympathy,Tact,Thoughtfulness,Urbanity,Courtliness,Good Behavior,Gallantness,Good Breeding,
Antonyms Aloofness,Coldness,Coolness,Crudeness,Discourtesy,Disdain,Disfavor,Disregard,Disrespect,Fear,Ignorance,Impoliteness,Meanness,Neglect,Pompousness,Roughness,Rudeness,Thoughtlessness,Unfriendliness,Unmannerliness,Bad Manners,

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