Meaning of credible in English


Synonyms Aboveboard,Colorable,Conceivable,Conclusive,Creditable,Dependable,Determinative,Honest,Imaginable,Likely,Plausible,Possible,Rational,Reasonable,Reliable,Satisfactory,Satisfying,Seeming,Sincere,Solid,Sound,Straight,Supposable,Tenable,Thinkable,Trustworthy,Trusty,Valid,Up Front,Probable,Probably,Honest To God,
Antonyms Deceptive,Dishonest,Implausible,Impossible,Improbable,Inconceivable,Incredible,Irresponsible,Unacceptable,Unbelievable,Unimaginable,Unlikely,Unreasonable,Unreliable,Unsound,Untenable,Untrustworthy,Undependable,

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