Meaning of dauntless in English


Synonyms Aweless,Brave,Daring,Doughty,Fearless,Gallant,Game,Heroic,Indomitable,Intrepid,Invincible,Lionhearted,Resolute,Unafraid,Unconquerable,Undaunted,Unfearing,Unflinching,Valiant,Valorous,Stouthearted,
Antonyms Afraid,Daunted,Discouraged,Disheartened,Fearful,Frightened,Intimidated,Scared,Terrified,

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Word of the Day

English Word intolerance
Meaning Inability or unwillingness to bear or endure.
Synonyms Bigotry,Dogmatism,Prejudice,
Antonyms Fairness,Tolerance,
Urdu Meaning تنگ نظر