Meaning of debase in English

To lower in character or virtue.

Synonyms Abase,Bemean,Cheapen,Corrupt,Cripple,Debauch,Debilitate,Demean,Demoralize,Deprave,Devalue,Disable,Disgrace,Dishonor,Enfeeble,Humble,Humiliate,Lower,Reduce,Sap,Sink,Undermine,Weaken,Put Down,Dump On,Put Away,Take Down,Devaluate,Shoot Down,Cast Down,Drag Down,Fluff Off,
Antonyms Aid,Assist,Boost,Clean,Cleanse,Clear,Dignify,Elevate,Enable,Enhance,Esteem,Grow,Help,Honor,Improve,Increase,Invigorate,Laud,Praise,Raise,Rise,Strengthen,Upgrade,Value,Build Up,Purify,

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