Meaning of deceit in English


Synonyms Ambidextrousness,Artifice,Cheating,Chicane,Chicanery,Craft,Craftiness,Cunning,Deceitfulness,Deception,Defrauding,Dishonesty,Dissemblance,Dissimulation,Duplicity,Entrapping,Fraud,Fraudulence,Guile,Hypocrisy,Imposition,Slyness,Trapping,Treachery,Trickery,Underhandedness,Pretense,Dirty Pool,Cozening,Dirty Dealing,Ambidexterity,Overreaching,
Antonyms Artlessness,Fairness,Forthrightness,Frankness,Honesty,Openness,Reality,Sincerity,Trustworthiness,Truth,Truthfulness,Uprightness,

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