Meaning of deceitful in English


Synonyms Abrar,Artful,Astute,Clandestine,Counterfeit,Crafty,Cunning,Deceptive,Delusive,Delusory,Designing,Disingenuous,Duplicitous,Fallacious,Feline,Foxy,Fraudulent,Furtive,Hypocritical,Illusory,Indirect,Insidious,Knavish,Lying,Mendacious,Misleading,Rascal,Roguish,Shifty,Slick,Sly,Sneaky,Stealthy,Subtle,Treacherous,Tricky,Underhand,Underhanded,Untrustworthy,Untruthful,Wily,
Antonyms Actual,Authentic,Faithful,Forthright,Frank,Genuine,Honest,Ingenuous,Just,Loyal,Naive,Open,Real,Reliable,Sincere,Trustworthy,Truthful,Upright,Valid,

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