Meaning of decent in English

Characterized by propriety of conduct, speech, manners, or dress.

Synonyms pproved,Becoming,Befitting,Bestrewing,Chaste,Clean,Comely,Conforming,Continent,Correct,Decorous,Delicate,Ethical,Fit,Fitting,Good,Honest,Honorable,Immaculate,Mannerly,Modest,Moral,Nice,Noble,Polite,Reserved,Right,Seemly,Spotless,Stainless,Standard,Straight,Suitable,Trustworthy,Unblemished,Undefiled,Untarnished,Upright,Virtuous,Pure,Proper,Prudent,Presentable,
Antonyms Disobliging,Improper,Inappropriate,Incorrect,Indecent,Insufficient,Intolerable,Misbehaving,Poor,Unaccommodating,Ungenerous,Unkind,Unrefined,Unreliable,Unsophisticated,Unsuitable,Unsuited,Untrustworthy,Unrespectable,

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