Meaning of decoy in English

Anything that allures, or is intended to allures into danger or temptation.

Synonyms Allurement,Attraction,Beard,Blind,Booster,Camouflage,Catch,Chicane,Chicanery,Deception,Enticement,Facade,Fake,Front,Imitation,Inducement,Inveiglement,Lure,Plant,Seducement,Shill,Snare,Stick,Temptation,Trick,Trickery,Sitting Duck,Stool Pigeon,Nark,Pretense,Ensnarement,Blow Off,Drawing Card,
Antonyms Discouragement,Frankness,Honesty,Openness,Original,Reality,Repulsion,Truth,Truthfulness,

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