Meaning of decrepit in English

Enfeebled, as by old age or some chronic infirmity.

Synonyms Aged,Anile,Antiquated,Battered,Bedraggled,Creaky,Crippled,Dilapidated,Effete,Feeble,Flimsy,Fragile,Frail,Haggard,Incapacitated,Infirm,Insubstantial,Old,Quavering,Ramshackle,Rickety,Seedy,Senile,Shabby,Shaking,Superannuated,Tacky,Threadbare,Tired,Tottering,Unsound,Used,Wasted,Weak,Weakly,Worn,
Antonyms Firm,Fit,Good,Healthy,Hearty,Nice,Solid,Sound,Stable,Strong,Sturdy,Young,

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