Meaning of default in English

The neglect or omission of a legal requirement.

Synonyms Absence,Blemish,Blunder,Dearth,Defect,Deficiency,Delinquency,Dereliction,Disregard,Error,Fault,Imperfection,Inadequacy,Insufficiency,Lack,Lapse,Miss,Neglect,Offense,Omission,Overlooking,Oversight,Shortcoming,Slight,Transgression,Vice,Weakness,Wrongdoing,Privation,Nonpayment,
Antonyms Abundance,Accuracy,Achievement,Adequacy,Advantage,Attention,Care,Correction,Enough,Excess,Obedience,Payment,Perfection,Plenty,Regard,Remembrance,Respect,Right,Satisfaction,Strength,Success,Sufficiency,Strong Point,

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Word of the Day

English Word disunion
Meaning Separation of relations or interests.
Synonyms Argument,Breakup,Conflict,Detachment,Disagreement,Disconnection,Discord,Disjunction,Disjuncture,Dispute,Dissension,Dissidence,Disunity,Divergence,Divergency,Divorce,Parting,Partition,Separation,Severance,Split,
Antonyms Accord,Agreement,Attachment,Concord,Harmony,Juncture,Marriage,Peace,Sameness,Union,
Urdu Meaning جدائی