Meaning of defer in English

To delay or put off to some other time.

Synonyms Adjourn,Block,Delay,Detain,Extend,Hinder,Impede,Intermit,Lengthen,Obstruct,Postpone,Remit,Retard,Shelve,Slow,Stall,Stay,Suspend,Table,Waive,Prolong,Set Aside,Hold Up,Procrastinate,Prorogue,Hang Fire,Lay Over,Put On Back Burner,Put On Hold,Protract,Put On Ice,Give Rain Check,
Antonyms Abbreviate,Advance,Aid,Allow,Assist,Continue,Do,Encourage,Expedite,Facilitate,Force,Forge,Forward,Further,Hasten,Help,Hurry,Maintain,Shorten,Support,Let Go,Promote,Push,Carry Out,

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