Meaning of deficient in English

Not having an adequate or proper supply or amount.

Synonyms Amiss,Bad,Damaged,Defective,Exiguous,Faulty,Flawed,Impaired,Incomplete,Inferior,Infrequent,Injured,Insufficient,Lacking,Marred,Meager,Rare,Scant,Scanty,Scarce,Short,Shy,Sketchy,Skimpy,Unequal,Unfinished,Unsatisfactory,Wanting,Weak,Not Enough,Not Cut Out For,Found Wanting,Second Fiddle,Not Make It,Not Up To Scratch,Outta Gas,Third String,
Antonyms Abundant,Adequate,Ample,Enough,Excessive,Faultless,Flawless,Perfect,Satisfactory,Strong,Sufficient,Superfluous,

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