Meaning of defraud in English

To deprive of something dishonestly.

Synonyms Bamboozle,Beguile,Burn,Chouse,Circumvent,Clip,Con,Cozen,Deceive,Delude,Do,Dupe,Embezzle,Fleece,Flimflam,Foil,Hoax,Jive,Milk,Outwit,Pilfer,Rob,Shaft,Shuck,Stick,Swindle,Take,Trick,Victimize,Take In,Rip Off,Pull Fast One,Do Out Of,Do Number On,Sucker Into,
Antonyms Aid,Assist,Contribute,Fail,Give,Help,Lose,Offer,Receive,Refuse,Repay,Support,Be Honest,

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