Meaning of degenerate in English

To become worse or inferior.

Synonyms Base,Debased,Debauched,Decadent,Decayed,Degenerated,Degraded,Demeaned,Depraved,Dissolute,Effete,Failing,Fallen,Immoral,Infamous,Low,Mean,Miscreant,Nefarious,Overripe,Perverted,Retrograde,Retrogressive,Rotten,Sinking,Unhealthy,Vicious,Villainous,Vitiated,Wicked,Worsen,
Antonyms Clean,Good,Healthy,Honest,Honorable,Kind,Moral,Nice,Noble,Strong,Uncorrupt,Upright,Virtuous,Well,Pure,

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Word of the Day

English Word Abider
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