Meaning of degrade in English

To take away honors or position from.

Synonyms Abase,Belittle,Bench,Biforate,Break,Bump,Bust,Canker,Cheapen,Corrupt,Debase,Debauch,Decry,Degenerate,Demean,Demote,Depose,Deprave,Derogate,Deteriorate,Detract,Diminish,Discredit,Disgrace,Dishonor,Disparage,Downgrade,Humble,Impair,Injure,Lessen,Lower,Pan,Pervert,Reduce,Sink,Slam,Vitiate,Weaken,Rule Out,Put Down,Run Down,Take Down,
Antonyms Admire,Aid,Approve,Assist,Compliment,Develop,Elevate,Enhance,Enlarge,Exalt,Expand,Extend,Fix,Flatter,Grow,Help,Honor,Improve,Increase,Laud,Mend,Praise,Raise,Rise,Strengthen,Upgrade,Build Up,Promote,Purify,

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