Meaning of delectable in English

Delightful to the taste or to the senses.

Synonyms Adorable,Agreeable,Ambrosial,Appetizing,Charming,Choice,Dainty,Darling,Delicate,Delightful,Divine,Enticing,Exquisite,Gratifying,Heavenly,Inviting,Luscious,Lush,Palatable,Pleasant,Pleasurable,Rare,Sapid,Satisfying,Savory,Scrumptious,Tasty,Toothsome,Yummy,
Antonyms Bad,Disagreeable,Distasteful,Horrible,Nauseating,Offensive,Poor,Repulsive,Sickening,Tasteless,Unappetizing,Unpleasant,Unsatisfying,Unsavory,

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