Meaning of delusion in English

Mistaken conviction, especially when more or less enduring.

Synonyms Apparition,Blunder,Casuistry,Chicanery,Daydream,Deception,Deceptiveness,Dream,Error,Fallacy,Fancy,Fantasy,Figment,Ghost,Hallucination,Illusion,Lapse,Mirage,Misapprehension,Mistake,Oversight,Phantasm,Phantom,Shade,Speciousness,Spuriousness,Trickery,Trip,Vision,Head Trip,Pipe Dream,False Impression,Ignis Fatuus,Optical Illusion,Eidolon,
Antonyms Accuracy,Actuality,Being,Certainty,Correction,Fact,Fix,Honesty,Reality,Right,Success,Surety,Truth,

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