Meaning of denote in English

To designate by word or mark.

Synonyms Announce,Argue,Bespeak,Betoken,Connote,Evidence,Express,Finger,Flash,Imply,Import,Indicate,Insinuate,Intend,Make,Mark,Peg,Show,Signify,Spell,Symbol,Symbolize,Tab,Tag,Typify,Stand For,Put Finger On,Prove,Add Up,Put Down For,Hang Sign On,
Antonyms Conceal,Deny,Disprove,Hide,Ignore,Refuse,Refute,Veto,Withhold,Leave Alone,

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Word of the Day

English Word Abider
Urdu Meaning بَرداشت کَرنے والا ، پَیروی کَرنے والا شَخص ، تَعمیل کَرنے والا ، پُورا کَرنے والا ، سہنے والا ، پابَند ، مُطيع ، وفا دار