noun verb

Meaning of denounce in English

To point out or publicly accuse as deserving of punishment, censure, or odium.

Synonyms Accuse,Adjudicate,Arraign,Blacklist,Blame,Boycott,Brand,Castigate,Censure,Charge,Criticize,Damn,Declaim,Decry,Derogate,Excoriate,Expose,Finger,Impeach,Implicate,Impugn,Incriminate,Indict,Knock,Ostracize,Rap,Rat,Rebuke,Reprehend,Reproach,Reprobate,Reprove,Revile,Scold,Skin,Smear,Stigmatize,Threaten,Upbraid,Vilify,Vituperate,Prosecute,Proscribe,
Antonyms Allow,Applaud,Approve,Commend,Compliment,Cover,Exalt,Exculpate,Exonerate,Flatter,Free,Ignore,Laud,Praise,Welcome,

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