Meaning of deplorable in English


Synonyms Afflictive,Awful,Blameworthy,Bummer,Calamitous,Dire,Dirty,Disastrous,Disgraceful,Dishonorable,Disreputable,Distressing,Dolorous,Dreadful,Execrable,Faulty,Grievous,Grim,Heartbreaking,Heartrending,Intolerable,Lamentable,Lousy,Melancholy,Miserable,Mournful,Opprobrious,Overwhelming,Poor,Regrettable,Reprehensible,Rotten,Sad,Scandalous,Sickening,Stinking,Terrible,Tragic,Unbearable,Unsatisfactory,Woeful,Wretched,
Antonyms Acceptable,Bearable,Blessed,Cheerful,Delightful,Excellent,Fortunate,Good,Happy,Lucky,Nice,Pleasant,Respectable,Satisfactory,Shameless,Successful,Tolerable,Wonderful,

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