Meaning of deprave in English

To render bad, especially morally bad.

Synonyms Bastardize,Bestialize,Brutalize,Debase,Debauch,Degrade,Demoralize,Pervert,Seduce,Subvert,Vitiate,Warp,
Antonyms Clean,Elevate,Ennoble,Honor,Improve,Moralize,Praise,Straighten,Upgrade,Value,Purify,

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English Word Afterword
Meaning ?a section at the end of a book that says something about the main text, and may be written by a different author
Urdu Meaning کِتاب کے آخِر میں خصوصاً مُصنِف کے عِلاوہ کِسی اور کے تاثرات ، پسِ نوشت ، حرف آخر