Meaning of depression in English

A falling of the spirits.

Synonyms Abasement,Abjection,Abjectness,Bleakness,Bummer,Cheerlessness,Dejection,Desolation,Desperation,Despondency,Disconsolation,Discouragement,Dispiritedness,Distress,Dole,Dolor,Dreariness,Dullness,Dumps,Ennui,Gloom,Gloominess,Hopelessness,Lowness,Melancholia,Melancholy,Misery,Mortification,Qualm,Sadness,Sorrow,Trouble,Unhappiness,Vapors,Woefulness,Worry,Downheartedness,Dolefulness,Blue Funk,Blahs,Heaviness Of Heart,
Antonyms Advantage,Benefit,Blessing,Bulge,Cheer,Cheerfulness,Comfort,Contentedness,Contentment,Convexity,Encouragement,Gladness,Happiness,Hope,Hopefulness,Joy,Liveliness,Peace,Pleasure,Recovery,Surge,Protuberance,

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