Meaning of desiccant in English

Any remedy which, when applied externally, dries up or absorbs moisture, as that of wounds.

Synonyms Anhydrous,Arid,Athirst,Baked,Bald,Bare,Barren,Dehydrated,Depleted,Desert,Desiccated,Drained,Droughty,Dusty,Evaporated,Exhausted,Hard,Impoverished,Juiceless,Parched,Rainless,Sapless,Sapped,Sear,Stale,Thirsty,Torrid,Waterless,Shriveled,Not Irrigated,Unmoistened,
Antonyms Damp,Dripping,Exciting,Full,Humid,Interesting,Juicy,Lively,Moist,Soaked,Soggy,Untiring,Unused,Watery,Wet,

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