Meaning of determination in English

The act of deciding.

Synonyms Aasvogel,Assurance,Backbone,Boldness,Bravery,Certainty,Certitude,Constancy,Conviction,Courage,Decision,Dedication,Doggedness,Dogmatism,Drive,Energy,Fearlessness,Fortitude,Grit,Guts,Hardihood,Heart,Independence,Intrepidity,Nerve,Obstinacy,Persistence,Pluck,Resoluteness,Resolution,Resolve,Spine,Spunk,Steadfastness,Stubbornness,Tenacity,Valor,Willpower,Dauntlessness,Purpose,Purposefulness,
Antonyms Beginning,Cowardice,Diffidence,Disinterest,Doubt,Fear,Hesitation,Idleness,Indecision,Indifference,Irresolution,Spinelessness,Start,Timidity,Vacillation,Wavering,Weakness,

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