Meaning of detract in English

To take away in such manner as to lessen value or estimation.

Synonyms Backbite,Belittle,Blister,Cheapen,Decrease,Decry,Depreciate,Derogate,Diminish,Discount,Discredit,Disesteem,Knock,Lower,Minimize,Misprize,Reduce,Underrate,Undervalue,Vilipend,Withdraw,Write Off,Devaluate,Laugh At,Draw Away,Cut Rate,Subtract From,
Antonyms Commend,Compliment,Develop,Enlarge,Exaggerate,Exalt,Expand,Extend,Grow,Increase,Laud,Optimize,Overestimate,Overrate,Overvalue,Praise,Raise,Upgrade,Value,Add To,

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