Meaning of deviate in English

To take a different course.

Synonyms Aberrate,Avert,Bend,Contrast,Deflect,Depart,Differ,Digress,Divagate,Diverge,Drift,Err,Part,Shy,Swerve,Turn,Vary,Veer,Wander,Turn Aside,Angle Off,Bear Off,Bend The Rules,Break Pattern,Depart From,Edge Off,Get Around,Go Amiss,Go Haywire,Go Off On Tangent,Go Out Of Control,Go Out Of Way,Leave Beaten Path,Not Conform,Take A Turn,
Antonyms Agree,Keep,Stay,Straighten,Go Straight,

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Word of the Day

English Word intensive
Meaning Adding emphasis or force.
Synonyms Accelerated,Complete,Comprehensive,Concentrated,Deep,Demanding,Fast,Hard,Radical,Severe,Thorough,Thoroughgoing,Profound,
Antonyms Incomplete,Superficial,Surface,Incomprehensive,
Urdu Meaning پھیلا ہوا