Meaning of devious in English

Out of the common or regular track.

Synonyms Artful,Calculating,Crooked,Deceitful,Duplicitous,Errant,Erring,Evasive,Fishy,Foxy,Fraudulent,Guileful,Indirect,Insidious,Insincere,Oblique,Roundabout,Scheming,Shady,Shifty,Shrewd,Sly,Sneaking,Sneaky,Surreptitious,Treacherous,Tricky,Underhanded,Wily,Put On,Obliquitous,Faking One Out,Not Straightforward,Playing Games,Playing Politics,
Antonyms Artless,Direct,Fair,Forthright,Frank,Honest,Naive,Open,Sincere,Straight,Straightforward,Trustworthy,Truthful,

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