Meaning of dexterity in English

Readiness, precision, efficiency, and ease in any physical activity or in any mechanical work.

Synonyms Address,Adroitness,Aptness,Art,Artistry,Cleverness,Craft,Cunning,Deftness,Expertise,Expertness,Facility,Finesse,Handiness,Ingenuity,Knack,Mastery,Neatness,Nimbleness,Readiness,Skill,Smoothness,Tact,Touch,Proficiency,Skillfulness,Effortlessness,
Antonyms Awkwardness,Clumsiness,Ignorance,Inability,Incapacity,Ineptitude,Ineptness,Lack,Want,

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Word of the Day

English Word foppish
Meaning Characteristic of one who is unduly devoted to dress and the niceties of manners.
Synonyms Dandified,Fashionable,Natty,Vain,
Urdu Meaning خود نما