Meaning of difference in English

Dissimilarity in any respect.

Synonyms Aberration,Alteration,Anomaly,Antithesis,Asymmetry,Change,Characteristic,Contrariety,Contrariness,Contrast,Departure,Deviation,Digression,Discrepancy,Disparity,Dissemblance,Distinction,Divergence,Diversity,Exception,Heterogeneity,Idiosyncrasy,Inequality,Irregularity,Nonconformity,Opposition,Particularity,Peculiarity,Separateness,Separation,Singularity,Unlikeness,Variance,Variation,Variety,Unconformity,Discongruity,
Antonyms Accord,Agreement,Assent,Concurrence,Conformity,Consent,Equality,Harmony,Likeness,Normality,Regularity,Sameness,Similarity,Uniformity,Usualness,Alikeness,

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