Meaning of disappear in English

To cease to exist, either actually or for the time being.

Synonyms Abandon,Abscond,Acescent,Clear,Decamp,Depart,Die,Disperse,Dissipate,Dissolve,Ebb,End,Escape,Evanesce,Evaporate,Exit,Expire,Fade,Flee,Fly,Go,Leave,Melt,Pass,Perish,Recede,Retire,Retreat,Sink,Vacate,Wane,Withdraw,Vamoose,Pass Away,Die Out,Be No More,Cease To Exist,Dematerialize,Be Done For,Be Gone,Be Lost,Be Swallowed Up,
Antonyms Advance,Appear,Arrive,Begin,Coagulate,Come,Continue,Enter,Face,Fight,Forge,Grow,Improve,Increase,Keep,Meet,Remain,Rise,Solidify,Stay,Strengthen,Wait,Come In,Be Born,

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