Meaning of disavowal in English


Synonyms Abstaining,Acidifying,Adjuration,Contradiction,Declination,Disallowance,Disapproval,Disclaimer,Dismissing,Disproof,Dissent,Forswearing,Gainsaying,Nay,Negation,Negative,Nix,Noncommittal,Rebuff,Rebuttal,Refraining,Refusing,Refutation,Rejecting,Rejection,Renouncement,Renunciation,Repudiating,Repudiation,Repulse,Retraction,Turndown,Veto,Prohibition,No Way,Cold Shoulder,Protestation,Nonacceptance,Refutal,
Antonyms Affirmation,Agreement,Allowance,Approval,Avowal,Claim,Confirmation,Corroboration,Permission,Ratification,Sanction,Vouching,

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