Meaning of disburse in English

To pay out or expend, as money from a fund.

Synonyms Acquit,Contribute,Deal,Defray,Dispense,Disperse,Distribute,Divide,Expend,Give,Outlay,Partition,Use,Come Across,Dole Out,Shell Out,Ante Up,Pony Up,Lay Out,Put Out,Come Through,Come Up With,Foot The Bill,Pay Out,Cough Up,
Antonyms Attach,Collect,Combine,Deposit,Gather,Hoard,Hold,Join,Keep,Retain,Save,Take,Unite,Set Aside,

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Word of the Day

English Word foppish
Meaning Characteristic of one who is unduly devoted to dress and the niceties of manners.
Synonyms Dandified,Fashionable,Natty,Vain,
Urdu Meaning خود نما