Meaning of discard in English

To reject.

Synonyms Abandon,Abdicate,Abjure,Adios,Banish,Borne,Can,Cancel,Cashier,Chuck,Desert,Dispatch,Dispossess,Ditch,Divorce,Drop,Dump,Eject,Eliminate,Expel,Forsake,Jettison,Junk,Oust,Reject,Relinquish,Remove,Renounce,Repeal,Repudiate,Scrap,Shed,Give Up,Cast Aside,Throw Away,Protest,Dispose Of,Write Off,Throw Out,Do Away With,Shake Off,Dispense With,
Antonyms Accept,Admit,Allow,Approve,Choose,Embrace,Hold,Keep,Ratify,Retain,Sanction,Save,Uphold,Welcome,Take In,

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