Meaning of disclaim in English

To disavow any claim to, connection with, or responsibility to.

Synonyms Abandon,Abjure,Abnegate,Belittle,Contradict,Contravene,Criticize,Decline,Deprecate,Disaffirm,Disallow,Disavow,Discard,Disown,Disparage,Forswear,Gainsay,Minimize,Negate,Recant,Refuse,Reject,Renounce,Repudiate,Retract,Revoke,Spurn,Traverse,Wash Hands Of,Disacknowledge,Divorce Oneself From,Turn Back On,
Antonyms Accept,Acknowledge,Admit,Agree,Allow,Approve,Claim,Commend,Compliment,Concur,Confirm,Consent,Corroborate,Embrace,Emphasize,Endorse,Keep,Laud,Ok,Own,Permit,Praise,Retain,Sanction,Uphold,Build Up,

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