Meaning of discredit in English

To injure the reputation of.

Synonyms Censure,Defame,Degrade,Destroy,Disesteem,Disfavor,Disgrace,Dishonor,Disparage,Disprove,Explode,Expose,Reproach,Ruin,Shoot,Slander,Slur,Smear,Vilify,Show Up,Puncture,Put Down,Run Down,Tear Down,Blow Up,Bring Into Disrepute,Bring To Naught,Disconsider,Frown Upon,Knock Bottom Out Of,Poke Full Of Holes,Take Rug Out From Under,
Antonyms Approve,Believe,Build,Commend,Compliment,Construct,Create,Credit,Exalt,Flatter,Honor,Laud,Praise,Trust,Upgrade,

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