Meaning of disenfranchise in English

To deprive of any right privilege or power

Synonyms Bind,Capture,Chain,Check,Circumscribe,Coerce,Compel,Confine,Deprive,Disfranchise,Dominate,Enchain,Enclose,Enthrall,Fetter,Hobble,Hold,Immure,Imprison,Incarcerate,Indenture,Jail,Oppress,Reduce,Restrain,Restrict,Secure,Shackle,Subdue,Subject,Subjugate,Suppress,Tether,Tie,Yoke,Shut In,Keep Under Thumb,Get Hooks Into,Put In Irons,
Antonyms Allow,Disconnect,Emancipate,Expand,Free,Liberate,Loose,Loosen,Lose,Permit,Release,Stop,Unfasten,Untie,Let Go,

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