Meaning of dishonest in English


Synonyms Aashiq,Backbiting,Bent,Bluffing,Cheating,Corrupt,Crafty,Crooked,Cunning,Deceitful,Deceiving,Deceptive,Designing,Disreputable,Elusive,False,Fraudulent,Guileful,Mendacious,Misleading,Perfidious,Recreant,Shady,Shifty,Sinister,Slippery,Sneaking,Sneaky,Traitorous,Treacherous,Tricky,Unctuous,Underhanded,Unfair,Unprincipled,Unscrupulous,Untrustworthy,Villainous,Wily,
Antonyms Aboveboard,Ethical,Fair,Faithful,Forthright,Frank,Genuine,Good,Honest,Honorable,Just,Moral,Open,Real,Reliable,Scrupulous,Straight,Trustworthy,Truthful,Upright,Valid,Principled,

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