Meaning of disreputable in English

Dishonorable or disgraceful.

Synonyms Abject,Acetated,Bad,Base,Beggarly,Cheap,Contemptible,Derogatory,Despicable,Discreditable,Disgraceful,Disorderly,Dissolute,Ignominious,Infamous,Inglorious,Lewd,Libidinous,Licentious,Mean,Notorious,Opprobrious,Pitiable,Scandalous,Shabby,Shady,Shameful,Shocking,Shoddy,Sordid,Sorry,Unprincipled,Vicious,Vile,In Bad,In Low Esteem,In The Doghouse,
Antonyms Decent,Ethical,Good,Honorable,Reputable,Respectable,Respected,Worthy,Principled,

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