Meaning of dissentient in English

One who disagrees.

Synonyms Adverse,Anti,Antipathetic,Antipodal,Antipodean,Antithetical,Balky,Clashing,Conflicting,Contradictory,Contumacious,Converse,Counter,Diametric,Discordant,Dissident,Froward,Headstrong,Hostile,Inconsistent,Inimical,Insubordinate,Intractable,Negative,Nonconforming,Nonconformist,Obstinate,Opposed,Ornery,Paradoxical,Perverse,Rebellious,Recalcitrant,Recusant,Refractory,Restive,Reverse,Stubborn,Unruly,Wayward,Wrongheaded,Contrariant,
Antonyms Accommodating,Agreeable,Agreeing,Alike,Concordant,Conforming,Consistent,Correspondent,Equal,Friendly,Harmonious,Homogeneous,Kind,Like,Obliging,Same,Similar,

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