Meaning of dissuasion in English

The act of changing the purpose of or altering the plans of through persuasion, or pleading.

Synonyms Admonition,Advisement,Advocacy,Aid,Caution,Charge,Consultation,Counsel,Directions,Encouragement,Exhortation,Forewarning,Guidance,Help,Information,Injunction,Input,Instruction,Judgment,Lesson,News,Opinion,Persuasion,Recommendation,Steer,Suggestion,Teaching,Telltale,Tidings,Tip,View,Warning,Word,Proposal,Prescription,Proposition,Word To The Wise,Bum Steer,
Antonyms Betrayal,Blockage,Deceit,Deception,Discouragement,Falsehood,Hindrance,Ignorance,Injury,Lie,Misinformation,Misrepresentation,Obstruction,Opposition,Question,

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