Meaning of distort in English

To twist into an unnatural or irregular form.

Synonyms Aas,Alter,Angle,Belie,Bend,Bias,Buckle,Change,Collapse,Color,Con,Contort,Crush,Curve,Deceive,Decline,Deteriorate,Deviate,Disfigure,Doctor,Fake,Fudge,Garble,Knot,Lie,Mangle,Melt,Misconstrue,Misinterpret,Misrepresent,Misshape,Pervert,Sag,Scam,Slant,Slump,Snow,Torture,Twist,Warp,Whitewash,Wind,Wrench,Writhe,
Antonyms Ascend,Beautify,Build,Improve,Increase,Keep,Represent,Rise,Smooth,Stay,Straight,Straighten,Preserve,Tell Truth,Be Honest,Shape Nicely,

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