Meaning of divinity in English

The quality or character of being godlike.

Synonyms Celestial,Deity,Genius,God,Goddess,Godhead,Godhood,Godliness,Holiness,Lord,Sanctity,Spirit,Prime Mover,Godship,Guardian Spirit,Higher Power,
Antonyms Devil,Evil,

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Word of the Day

English Word maniac
Meaning a person raving with madness.
Synonyms Bedlamite,Bigot,Crackpot,Enthusiast,Fan,Fanatic,Fiend,Flake,Freak,Kook,Loon,Loony,Lunatic,Nut,Schizoid,Screwball,Zealot,Psycho,Psychopath,Nutcase,
Urdu Meaning سودائی