Meaning of dogmatic in English

Making statements without argument or evidence.

Synonyms Arbitrary,Arrogant,Assertive,Bigoted,Bullheaded,Categorical,Cocksure,Confident,Definite,Despotic,Determined,Doctrinaire,Domineering,Downright,Emphatic,Fanatical,Formal,Imperious,Intolerant,Magisterial,Obdurate,Obstinate,Overbearing,Peremptory,Pigheaded,Stubborn,Tenacious,Tyrannical,Unequivocal,Prejudiced,Fascistic,High And Mighty,Dictative,
Antonyms Ambiguous,Amenable,Doubtful,Doubting,Dubious,Equivocal,Flexible,Fluctuating,Impartial,Indecisive,Indefinite,Manageable,Obedient,Questioning,Skeptical,Submissive,Uncertain,Vacillating,Vague,Willing,Yielding,Not Positive,

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