Meaning of dolesome in English


Synonyms Afflicted,Afflictive,Calamitous,Deplorable,Dire,Distressing,Doleful,Grievous,Harrowing,Lamentable,Lugubrious,Melancholy,Mournful,Painful,Plaintive,Regrettable,Rueful,Ruthful,Sad,Sorrowful,Woebegone,Woeful,Wretched,Dolent,
Antonyms Cheery,Happy,Hopeful,

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Word of the Day

English Word bedeck
Meaning To cover with ornament.
Synonyms Adorn,Array,Caparison,Decorate,Embellish,Gem,Grace,Lard,Ornament,Trim,
Antonyms Mar,
Urdu Meaning آراستہ کرنا