Meaning of effective in English

Fit for a destined purpose.

Synonyms Able,Active,Adequate,Capable,Cogent,Compelling,Competent,Convincing,Direct,Effectual,Efficacious,Efficient,Emphatic,Energetic,Forceful,Forcible,Impressive,Live,Moving,Operative,Potent,Powerful,Practical,Resultant,Serviceable,Serving,Sound,Striking,Sufficient,Telling,Trenchant,Useful,Valid,Virtuous,Wicked,Yielding,Producing,On The Ball,Having Lead In Pencil,
Antonyms Fruitless,Helpless,Impotent,Inadequate,Incapable,Incompetent,Ineffective,Inefficient,Inoperative,Insufficient,Unable,Unproductive,Unsuccessful,Useless,Weak,Worthless,

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