Meaning of efficiency in English

The state of possessing adequate skill or knowledge for the performance of a duty.

Synonyms Ability,Abundance,Adaptability,Address,Adequacy,Capability,Capableness,Competence,Competency,Completeness,Economy,Effectualness,Efficacy,Energy,Expertise,Facility,Faculty,Performance,Potency,Power,Powerfulness,Quantity,Readiness,Resourcefulness,Response,Skill,Suitability,Suitableness,Talent,Thoroughness,Proficiency,Skillfulness,Productivity,Prowess,Productiveness,
Antonyms Disability,Helplessness,Idleness,Ignorance,Impotence,Inability,Inadequacy,Incapability,Incapacity,Incompetence,Ineffectiveness,Inefficiency,Ineptness,Lack,Weakness,

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