Meaning of efficient in English

Having and exercising the power to produce effects or results.

Synonyms Aafa,Able,Accomplished,Active,Adapted,Adequate,Apt,Businesslike,Capable,Clever,Competent,Conducive,Decisive,Deft,Dynamic,Economic,Economical,Effectual,Efficacious,Energetic,Experienced,Expert,Fitted,Handy,Masterly,Organized,Potent,Powerful,Practiced,Qualified,Ready,Saving,Shrewd,Skilled,Skillful,Systematic,Talented,Tough,Useful,Valuable,Virtuous,Productive,Profitable,Proficient,
Antonyms Delicate,Fragile,Helpless,Idle,Impotent,Inactive,Inadequate,Incapable,Incompetent,Ineffective,Inefficient,Inept,Lazy,Powerless,Sluggish,Unable,Unskilled,Unskillful,Useless,Weak,Worthless,

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