Meaning of eminence in English

An elevated position with respect to rank, place, character, condition, etc.

Synonyms Authority,Celebrity,Credit,Dignity,Distinction,Esteem,Glory,Greatness,Honor,Illustriousness,Influence,Kudos,Loftiness,Notability,Note,Power,Preeminence,Rank,Renown,Reputation,Repute,Significance,Standing,Superiority,Weight,Prominence,Prestige,Prominency,Famousness,Prepotency,
Antonyms Dishonor,Disrespect,Flat,Impotence,Incapacity,Inferiority,Insignificance,Lowliness,Subservience,Triviality,Unimportance,Weakness,Ill Repute,Low Ground,

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